Spider Crab and Leek Rolls
Servings Prep Time
4 10
Cook Time
Servings Prep Time
4 10
Cook Time
Hollow Out The Leeks
  1. Take the leeks and top and tail them. Push the centres out of them with your finger so that you are only left with the outer skin. Keep the centre parts as we will be putting them into the spider crab mix.
Spider Crab Mix
  1. Take the left over leek and mandolin into a buttered pan on a low heat. Cook the leeks until they are soft and remove from the pan. In the same pan add the whiting fillets and cook until just cooked through. Remove from the heat. Take the 2 medium potatoes and boil. Once cooked mash them up. Take the leeks, potatoes, whiting and spider crab and mix together in a bowl. Add a teaspoon of butter and creme fresh. I had some dehydrated wild garlic, carrot and kombu seaweed that I added to them mix however these are not essential, you can add your own garden herbs if you wish. Season with salt.
Stuff The Leeks
  1. Take the mixture and with a teaspoon push the mixture into the leeks. Keep on doing this until they are stuffed.
Portion the leeks
  1. Take the Stuffed Leek and with a sharp Knife slice the leeks into sushi sized pieces. If you wish you can leave the leek whole and steam.
Cooking the leeks
  1. Take the leek pieces and fry them in a hot pan. You want them to go crispy on the bottom and top . You have to make sure they are cooked as the leek needs to be cooked through. Another method is to take the whole stuffed leek and to steam it, again making sure that the leek is cooked through.
  2. Put the Cornish New potatoes into boiling salted water. Cook until they are at your liking. Remove from the pan
Plating Up
  1. Arrange the potatoes with the Leek pieces . Put a knob of butter on top of the Cornish News along with a sprinkle of sea salt. I also added a garnish of dehydrated wild garlic powder.
Recipe Notes

Everything in this meal compliments one another. The meal centres around bringing out the natural sweetness of the stars of the show the spider crab and the Cornish New potatoes. The butter and salt will elevate the new potatoes. The leeks, butter, potatoes and whiting all work within the spider crab mix to enhance its flavour and sweetness.  The caramelisation of the leeks pieces also adds another element of sweetnness and texture to the dish. I really like this dish because it revolves around just gently complementing  amazing luxurious  Cornish Flavours. It does taste stunning and the spider crab and leek pieces are so moorish .

I hope you enjoyed this recipe, next time you see some spider crab for sale try it out.

As always let me know if you have any comments

Whealfood x