Cornish Quesadilla

The month of April has gifted us with Asparagus and Strawberries. Both  feel like patiently waited for gifts. This is the essence of Whealfood , we love produce when it first comes into season because it is a symbol of where we are in the year and we have a huge sense of appreciation for ingredients that we have to wait for .  It makes our lives exciting because our ingredients are constantly changing, governed by the seasons. We make the most of what we have, this makes  us think outside of the box to create new recipes ,  but when a new ingredient pops up we immediately get more inspiration and excited. It expands the combinations ,the possibilities and adds another ingredient to our adventure. Lucky for us we have local farmers who have worked hard to make sure that we get great quality, organic asparagus and strawberry’s  that tastes so much better then a lot of the stuff we get from the supermarkets.  I popped down to my Ye Old faithful – the Cornish Food Box and was greeted with the amazing Cornish  produce that is used in this recipe.

Cornish Asparagus
Cornish Asparagus


The sun has been out in Cornwall so we have been scouring the land for new  bbq spots. Asparagus is amazing on the BBQ and I will be posting a recipe for bbq asparagus in the next few weeks. The beauty of asparagus is  that it can be a  great centre piece of a meal, an alternative to  meat  and it goes well with so many accompaniments. It is high in umami  and tastes amazing when combined with other ingredients that possess umami. One of these ingredients is cheese. Melted cheese and soft asparagus combined together is a satisfying combination ,a  umami match made made in heaven.

Cornish Cheese
Cornish Jack Cheese (Great for melting)

There has been some surf this weekend. For some reason I crave Mexican food after I surf. Food that is exciting, filling and adventurous.  So as I had purchased a load of asparagus and cheese from the Cornish Food Box  I decided to make asparagus  Quesadillas. They will ,as always be made from 100% Cornish Produce  which means making my our flour tortillas, using my favourite Cornish Bakehouse flour. This makes more rustic tortillas with alot more flavour than a plain white flour tortilla.  I wonder if these will be the  only asparagus quesadillas that have been made from 100% Cornish Produce?

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Cornish Asparagus Quesadilla with Strawberry Salsa
Asparagus quesadilla with Strawberry Salsa
Prep Time 15
Cook Time 30
Passive Time 15
Tortilla (Makes 10 Tortillas)
  • 3 cups flour Cornish Bakehouse
Asparagus Filing
Quesadilla Cheese filling
  • 2 Cups Cornish cheese A cheese that can be melted. We used Cornish Jack.
Prep Time 15